The Showcase happened on May 30!

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September 26-29, 2023
In-person and Virtual Tickets Available
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The RedwoodJS Showcase featured 20 inspiring demos, including a wide range of solutions across consumer, B2B, and enterprise — from music to collaboration to dev tools to eComm to eGames to Web3 to data tools and beyond. Most are multi-client. Some only use Redwood's backend and API. All were built with Redwood.

It all led up to two BIG announcements. Check them out below!

All In on React Server Components (RSC): Redwood's Next Epoch 🚀

Announcing the First In-person RedwoodJS Conf

The New Public Roadmap

Update about the Redwood Startup Fund

Watch the Event Recording on YouTube 📺

Redwood is an opinionated, full-stack, JS/TS web app framework designed to keep you moving fast as your app grows from side project to startup. Out of the box, it comes fully integrated with React, GraphQL, Prisma, Storybook, Jest, and much more! Redwood is an independent open-source project started and sponsored by Tom Preston-Werner (GitHub cofounder). Learn More


Tuesday, May 30, 2023

4:00 PM -
6:30 PM

(your local time)

Product and Startup Demos

Startups built with Redwood have raised over $60M. 🤯 Come watch both funded startups and indie devs share their demos and experience with the community.

Event Recording on YouTube 📺

not listed in order of appearance

Snaplet Peter Pistorius

Nous Lee Staples

Datasketch JP Marin Diaz

ItList Kateryna Bilyk, Paul Korver, Stan Duprey

BuildPass Aaron Vanston, Matt Perrott

majr Jamie Cannon, Jeremy Jones

ATLAS Matt Dupree, David Laprade

LeftLane Michael Mentele, Khaled Bitar

Diagon Shri Muthu, Will Drewery

Infinity Keys Andy Boyan, Chris Bloom

Inkworks Jose Lopez, Carl Ehrnrooth

MarvelBus Asher Eastham

Constellation Notes Bill O'Connor

Statapillar Robin Tully

Teamstream Kris Coulson

Konfig Anh-Tuan Bui, Dylan Huang

Today Thomas Seillan

Keyp Joseph Schiarizzi

Courselift Ryan Chenkie

Pullflow Zak Mandhro

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